David R. Hawkins: 101 Ways to Peace

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.”

“What you are is creating your future.”

 Dr. David R. Hawkins


101 Ways to Peace from Hawkins Peace Seminar – 08-08-09.

Copyright of Veritas Publishing. To get the whole lecture: https://veritaspub.com/product/peace-august-2009-dvd/ 

1. Let go of trying to change and control others. The source of your happiness is solely within you. Peacefulness has to be a decision that you make. It can exist in the middle of war, devastation, and catastrophe.
2. Let go wanting to get even.
3. Let go wanting to be right and make others wrong.
4. Practice discernment rather than judgmentalism. Judgmentalism says: “they ought
to be different” whereas discernment sees the essence and truth of a person but without
5. Be modest with opinions.
6. Perfect diplomacy skills and gentility.
7. Be gracious and considerate.
8. Keep serenity as a goal.
9. It is OK to be wrong or undecided.
10. Calibrate the options. Be flexible.
11. It isn’t necessary to have an opinion about everything.
12. Avoid peace demonstrations.
13. Remember that Socrates was short and ugly.
14. Value wisdom over being right.
15. Seek wise counsel.
16. Realize you influence others by what you are, not what you do (best thing you can for the world is sit down and shut up! Just having kind thoughts makes a difference).
17. Avoid activism and pedantry.
18. Be grateful for your assets (your most important asset is spiritual interest).
19. Mankind has survived millions of years without your help.
20. Be your own best friend.
21. Be wary of do-gooders (they want to control you for your own good of course!)
22. Do-Gooder: An earnest, often naive social reformer. Naive: showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement.
23. Let others win.
24. Beware of unintended consequences.
25. The innocent child is present in everyone.
26. Pray to see things differently reframe/re-contextualize.
27. Accept that the majority of people calibrate below 200 (lower your expectations – they’re doing great just to survive).
28. Judge not lest ye be judged (if they could do or be better, they would)
29. All viewpoints are arbitrary.
30. Renew thoughtfulness and gratitude.
31. The mind is an ‘it’, not a ‘you’. The mind talks all the time; that’s ego. Spirit doesn’t talk.
32. Critics are a dime a dozen.
33. Review Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Mackay.
34. Keep a sense of humour.

35. Everyone assumes they are right and others are wrong.

36. Seek to understand others rather than change them.
37. Serve God rather than the narcissistic ego.
38. Seek to participate rather than dominate.
39. It is OK to have faults.
40. Avoid struggle for the moral high ground.
41. Support others to find the good about themselves.
42. Concede to what is versus what ought to be.
43. It is OK to just be rather than do or have.
44. Surrender your will to God.
45. Let bygones be bygones.
46. If you don’t have anything good to say about a person, then say nothing at all.
47. Realize mankind has been at war 93% of recorded history whirled peas (world peace) is unlikely.
48. Acceptance: so there you are.
49. Fatalism – what will be will be karmic influences.
50. Develop a peaceful nature. Be aware of the power of Nature.
51. See the beauty of all that exists (1 cubic inch of the Infinite Field of Consciousness is greater than the total mass of the entire universe)
52. Value quietude.
53. Let go of wilfulness; silence the inner child.
54. Practice the virtues.
55. Recall peace on Earth, good will towards all men.
56. Strive to be angelic vs. luciferic.
57. Practice no attractions, no aversions. Buddha.
58. Accept social roles of others.
59. Study to understand others.
60. The Near-Death Experience is one of total peace.
61. Only the ego is vulnerable; the real Self is eternal.
62. Live in each instant which is innately peaceful
63. Detach from control; be the witness-observer.
64. Practice meditation and contemplation.
65. Differentiate wants from needs.
66. Wear the world like a light garment.
67. Differentiate appearance from essence.
68. Be kind to all of life.
69. Have pets and a garden spot.
70. Decrease expectations of others (no one will be what you want them to be)
71. Mind your own business.
72. Make a list of worries (and then prioritize them that way, the mind relaxes)
73. Chocolate vs. vanilla is imply a choice
74. Differentiate emotional vs. spiritual viewpoints ( Well this is how I feel! Who
75. Utilize logic instead of emotion.
76. Ask for a miracle.
77. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday.
78. Talk it over with a friend.
79. Accept the worst-case scenario.
80. I’ll think about it tomorrow (Gone with the Wind)
81. Peace exists in the midst of war.
82. Things could be worse.
83. Life is transitory.
84. You were created by God.
86. Give up trying to be happy (Just BE happy!)
87. Give up being rich and famous.
88. Walk the labyrinth.
89. Do the rosary
90. Spin the prayer wheel.
91. Write a will.
92. Take out life insurance. (You have to be real about things. A will and insurance means that your death will serve as a benefit to someone. If you don’t have any relatives, you can take out an insurance policy and leave it to the kitties and doggies at the Humane Society.)
93. Watch the animal channel on TV.
94. Bury the hatchet.
95. Give up being an adrenaline junkie.
96. Quit when you are ahead.
97. Let go of greed (rapacious wantingness).
98. Invoke your Buddha-Nature.
99. Live in the space beneath thoughts.
100. Speak sanely to yourself in the mirror.
101. Talk it over with your therapist or psychologist.

Copyright of Veritas Publishing. To get the whole lecture: https://veritaspub.com/product/peace-august-2009-dvd/ 

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