Welcome. My name is Jules.

I write songs and I write about songs and their writers. I would like you to think of this website as a compilation tape (with liner notes) made for you by a friend. On my blog you will find stories about songs that have meant something to me, usually written by human beings who have meant something to me.

Julian Conor Reid performing in Napoli (2015)

For my own internal classification, I consider many of the artists who feature in the blog as ‘The Great Unknowns’, with the emphasis firmly placed on great. In truth none of them are or were unknown: in some cases they toured extensively, recorded for major labels and received radio play and critical acclaim. Irrespective of commercial success, all of these artists produced music of great value which enriched the lives of their listeners.

In a world in which so much ‘content’ is easily accessible, music can seem to have less value than it used to. Even the term ‘search’ seems to mean something different to what it used to mean. In nearly all cases, the artists featured in the blog came as result of my search to discover new music.

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