Four Watches

I own four watches.

Casio Men’s F-91W bought for £8.99 in April 2020. I bought this for work, as an alternative choice to the Timex and G-Shock. Originally introduced in 1989, the F-91W is a modern vintage classic. My older brother Kiron wore this watch for years and buying it enabled me to re-connect with another element of my youth.

Timex Men Sport T5K1959J Ironman bought for £44.71 in May 2020. 

My deep admiration for Jocko Willink informed this purchase. Jocko is one of my most important mentors or ‘life sponsors’. A former US Navy Seal Commander, his words and actions exude serenity, courage and wisdom. His most famous maxim is ‘discipline equals freedom’. His unpacking of ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling and General Patton’s speech to the Third Army are personal favourites of mine.

Casio G-Shock DW6900-1V bought for £65 in May 2020.

The watch worn by Bradley Cooper in the film ‘American Sniper’. The G-Shock range is favoured by the military, firefighters, police and prison officers. It is one of the best-selling tactical watch brands. Reassuringly chunky.

Polar M430 bought in June 2018 for £199.50

A gift from my wife, I use this for sporting activity, in particular running and cycling. I’ll also use it for long walks or hikes. GPS tracking enables connection to the Polar Flow app, a sports, fitness, and activity analyzer to be used with Polar GPS sports watches. I was rather late to the party in terms of using GPS tracking on my runs but for the last couple of years the Polar has been an almost constant companion. I began using Map My Run on iPhone in August 2017, I started using Polar Flow in June 2018.

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