When I was young, music seemed like a Magic Porridge Pot that would always inspire me, educate me and manipulate my emotions. In my teenage years I discovered new musical gems every week and it seemed like the drug would always work it magic. As any addict will testify though, there comes a time when the high does not come as easily as it once did. In my early twenties I started to seek out music with slightly less enthusiasm and by the time I hit my thirties – it felt as though I was desperately trying to recapture a feeling that to a large extent had been lost.

Whenever I see a new band or attend a live music event, I am always hoping to catch a melody that will remind me why I fell in love with music. I love it when I leave a venue and am still singing a song in my head on the walk home. I particularly love it when the tune provider is an unsigned or ‘local’ band. I feel like a prospector who has struck gold.

I attended the Oxford Punt festival in 2016 and was lucky enough to hear two such ‘golden nuggets’ by different acts on the same night that stuck in my head and couldn’t wait to hear them again.

The first gem was unearthed at The Purple Turtle and was by an act called Moogieman. I had actually played at several Open Mic Nights with Moogieman himself, Shan Sriharan. At the Oxford Punt, Moogieman (performing with with his backing band ‘The Masochists’) played a song which I thought was probably called ‘Shoot You’ (owing to its triumphant, climactic refrain) which reminded me of The Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman and The Violent Femmes. I saw Shan at another Open Mic night and told him: ‘You really must record that ‘Shoot You’ song.


The ‘shoot you song’ is actually called ‘Summer of ’09’ and the shooting in question refers to the type executed by film or photograph (a scene, film, etc.) ‘she has just been commissioned to shoot a video’. Cameras and photography are a recurring theme in Moogieman’s Work.

Listen to ‘Summer of ’09’ here.



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