Pat Reid – Morrissey

My brother Patrick has written two books about Morrissey. The first, ‘Bigmouth’, published by The Dunce Directive in 1993 is a 32-page booklet with an introduction by John Peel, highly collectable in the world of Morrissey completists.


The second book is simply entitled ‘Morrissey’ (95 pages) and was published by Absolute Press in 2004. It’s entry on Google Books reads:

Pat Reid delves into the hushed, dark territory that surrounds one of pop’s most enigmatic and compelling figures, addressing the question of Morrissey’s sexuality and its effect on his music. Morrisey’s only public statement about his sexuality is that he is celibate. If Morrissey is the quintessential ‘gay artist’, why is the gay community so indifferent or, indeed, hostile, to him? This is the first book to examine the man and his work in relation to his sexuality.

‘Morrissey’ was translated into Italian by Carlotta Scarlata and published in Italy (with a different cover – below right) by Playground.


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